Just in case you missed it, here is the cover to my new book Forgetting You, Remembering Me. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!!!
Release: February 28th
Cover Designer: Melissa Gill MGBookCovers

IT'S HERE!!!! I am SO excited to reveal the cover and blurb to my new book THE HUNT. 

Series: A Hard Love Romance...
Book 1: Dirty Dix
Book 2: Wicked Dix
Book 3 (Spin-Off): The Hunt
Genre: Rom-Com, Erotica

My name is Hunter O’Shea and I have a confession to make…I’ve met a girl who consumes me. I know that makes me sound completely whipped, but Mary “Lamb” Mitts has the power to bring me to my knees…it’s just too bad she hates my guts. But that’s okay, because I hate hers, too. The fiery redhead stirs something in me that I can’t explain.

This temporary insanity could be due to the fact my best friend, who used to be a bigger player than me, is getting married. That must be it. I’m caught up in an Oprah moment.

The only solution is to get back in the game and forget she exists. That theory is great—too bad I don’t want anyone else.


I’m so screwed.


Genre: Women's Fiction
Release date: TBA

Italian rights sold at auction, to Cecilia Perucci at Carbaccio, by Daniela Micura on behalf of Kimberly Whalen at The Whalen Agency.

German rights sold at auction, to Fischer by Bastian Schlueck at the Schlueck Agency on behalf of Kimberly Whalen at The Whalen Agency.

Brazilian rights sold at auction, to Harper Brazil, by Teresa Vilarrubla at The Foreign Office on behalf of Kimberly Whalen at The Whalen Agency

My fabulous agent, Kimberly Whalen from The Whalen Agency is a rock star! We are working on many more deals…so stayed tuned!!


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