The first official excerpt from DEFIANCE OF THE HEART is here!!

The first official excerpt from DEFIANCE OF THE HEART is here!! 
Copyright © 2018 by Monica James

Release date: October 17th

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It doesn’t take me long to realize where we are.

Tears well behind my eyes as this place holds such fond memories, but they have nothing to do with the infamous parties my classmates held here. The winding trail soon levels out, and we’re on the paved path I used to escape from London the night we got arrested.

This trip down memory lane leaves me winded, so I stop to catch my breath.

It was pitch black the night the LAPD found us trespassing, the night London saved my ass in ways unimaginable. However now, the pulsating sun is out in full blast, so I take a moment to appreciate the low-hanging trees and the bursts of color from each flowering shrub.

A wave of nostalgia knocks into me when images of lying beneath London as he attempted to protect me from trouble flash before me. He could have let me get caught, but he didn’t. He even shouldered the blame and went to juvie for me.

And I thanked him by breaking his heart.

“Why?” I ask in a whisper. I’m not even sure he’s heard me, but when he freezes, his shoulders raised, I know he’s heard me loud and clear. “Why are we here?”

I stand my ground, refusing to move an inch until he answers me.

His body language is a warning…telling me he’s seconds away from exploding. But I don’t take the hint.

“London, why?” I press, firing my question at his back as he stands rigid, unable to face me. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” As a tear scores my cheek, I wipe it away with the back of my hand. “Why did it have to be this way for us? Why were we born to be each other’s enemy?”

A heavy sigh leaves him as he hangs his head low. But he allows me this purge because this place is safe; it’s the place where I fell even deeper under London’s spell.

“Everyone shaped us into the version they wanted. Everyone. Things could have been so different for us,” I cry, unable to erase the vision of London on top of me as he shielded me from harm.

My chest rattles with the strangled tears I attempt to hold at bay.

“No one wants us together,” I confess, hating how bleak I sound. I want to add us being together isn’t that simple, but I suppose it never was. “My parents hate you. Your parents hate me. Our parents hate one another. How is this supposed to work?”

Just as I’m about to march toward him and beg him to tell me it’ll be all right, he runs his long fingers through his hair, fisting the longer locks on top of his head. “What do you want, Princess?”

His question stuns me because for once in my life, I’m given a choice when it comes to London. “It’s too late for what I want,” I reply, but London refuses to accept my answer.

He spins with a force so great, I retreat, fearful of what he’ll do. But he marches toward me, gripping my upper arms as though I’ll run from him if he doesn’t. I attempt to pry myself free, but he tightens his hold, rocking me lightly. “Don’t you say that,” he exclaims with a passionate tenacity. “We are not our parents. We are you and me, who we’ve always been, and fighting this, Princess”—he shakes me once—“is like fighting nature. We don’t stand a chance. I love you, Holland. So fucking much it hurts.”

A sob escapes me when his face twists in agony. “When you left me, you didn’t just tear out my heart. You took me with you. I am nothing, nothing without you.”

His confession is too much, and I burst into ugly tears. “Yes. Things could have been different for us, but it doesn’t matter. We can’t change the past, but we can make our own future. Don’t let the sins of the past win.” His words are exactly what I needed to hear, but we can’t ignore that the odds are stacked against us.

He translates my withdrawal and shakes his head violently. “What do you want me to say?” He abruptly releases me and rips his sunglasses from his face. His eyes are begging me to believe him and not to run away—not again.

“London, I—”

But he refuses to listen. Instead, he drops to both knees, gripping my upper thighs as he surrenders before me. The sight breaks me. His feral gaze holds so much emotion. I can’t stand to see him so vulnerable. I attempt to pull him up, but he stubbornly stands his ground.

“You don’t understand, Princess. I don’t exist without you. You are a part of me.” He thumps his fist over his heart, pressing it hard against his chest. “You always have been.”

“But other pe-people—”

“I don’t care about people!” he cries, staring up at me, squeezing my legs. “I only care about you because it was always…it was always you. I love you without apology, and that’ll never change. So whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it because I can’t stand to lose you again.” 


The thing I signed, well...I just signed an ELEVEN BOOK AUDIO DEAL!!!
I’m so excited to announce that 11, YES 11 of my books are going to be turned into audio books! Brilliance Audio will be bringing my books to audio and I can’t wait to hear them. I’ll announce dates when I know more information.
The books which will be turned into audio are:
Absinthe of the Heart
Defiance of the Heart
Forgetting You, Forgetting Me
Forgetting You, Remembering Me
Dirty Dix
Wicked Dix
The Hunt
I Surrender
Surrender to Me
These books are available for purchase now!
Thank you to my awesome agent Kimberly Brower for being so, well, awesome

Defiance of the Heart Cover is here!!!!

I am so very excited to share with you the cover of my new book!

Pre-order links below!!!

Monica James
For never was there a story of more woe than that of Holland Brooks and her Romeo...
For as long as I can remember, London Sinclair was the boy who was forbidden. It didn’t matter that he made my heart skip a beat. Our surnames fated us to be sworn enemies. But when the truth was finally revealed, my life changed forever.
Lies have shaped our past, leaving London and me to pick up the pieces. But through the chaos, one thing is certain—I love London, and he loves me, and we won’t allow anyone to tear us apart again.
However, life has a funny way of proving us wrong.
As we attempt to make amends for the past ten years, we soon discover that the ghosts of our past will do anything to drive us apart. We are once again surrounded by deceit and betrayal, testing us in ways we never imagined.
When I’m faced with a proposition to end this heartache once and for all, I blindly agree. That decision changes everything, and I soon learn that those who act in haste create their own destruction.
Does love really triumph all? Or will London and I succumb to what was always written in the stars?
Release Date: October 17th 2018
Cover designer: Sommer Stein Perfect Pear Creative Covers

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