France, you stole my heart...

Words escape me, which is a first, but I'll try my best to sum up my feelings. I know I'll fall short however because it's impossible to express how thankful, honoured, and blessed I feel.
I came to France, ready for the unknown. But not in a million years did I ever imagine I'd meet so many wonderful, kind, and passionate people.
My time in France was just phenomenal. I have come to know so many amazing people, people who blew my mind. You guys are one of a kind. I've met readers from all over the world, but my French readers, you guys are something else. You hold a special place in my heart.
Thank you to my awesome publishers, Hugo & Cie for believing in me since day 1.
Thank you, France, for welcoming me into your hearts and home. I'll miss you guys like crazy. The memories I've made here are ones I'll treasure forever.
I hope to be back very soon. Until then... never forget #sinner4life

Monica xx


  1. Meet you in Bandol has been one of the most beautiful moment of my life, but get to know Dixon was one of the most wonderful sins of my life. Thanks for the amazing books you write.

  2. It was amazing to see you in Bandol !! Thanks for your kindness and your happiness !!


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